Glimpse is the best way to

your business

Glimpse is a revolutionary, cloud-based, wireless ordering and business administration platform. Created by geeks, used but anyone!

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Why choose Glimpse

all the power at your fingertips!

It never stops

Even if you lose your internet connection, sales at your stores continue without a problem and without loss of data

Minimum starting cost

With scalable subscriptions to the Glimpse platform that keep the starting cost of a new business manageable

Live data, available from everywhere

Monitor your stores’ sales in real-time from any location that has internet access and save money focusing on your true business needs


Easy to use

A simple, reliable and fast interface that requires minimum personel training

It grows with you

Start with your immediate requirements and add as many POS, waiter stations and stores as you need while your business grows

We are here for you

Greymatter’s dedicated software development team is on stand-by to cover any and all of your questions regarding Glimpse as well as support the platform

Glimpse supports Any kind of business

From restaurants and fast food stores, to retail and service oriented businesses. For 1 or 1000 branches, store chains or franchises, Glimpse will amaze you

Easy to use, but extremely powerful

Regardless of the products or services offered by your enterprise, Glimpse is a cutting edge, powerful, and versatile business monitoring and administration platform. From Point of Sale to warehouse management and business intelligence, Glimpse offers complete control over your various stores.


Ordering speed at the counter or the waiter’s station was the main goal while designing the software


Customer support, sales history, special promotions management and easy invoice printing


Comprehensive and dynamic sales data presentation, easy to access and understand


Warehouse and recipe management, product movement, suppliers’ and materials’ database


Additional Features

Multiple menus with automated selection criteria

Integrated robust Delivery module featuring Google maps support

Easy end-of-day fiscal process

Area grouped delivery assignments for your drivers

Limitless modifiers and extras for each product

Receipt reprinting or cancelation and partial payments support

Comment support per product or per order

Independent settings per store terminal

Full transaction history

Supports ordering tickets and direct receipts

Product, extras and size availability input

Table movement, split, merger and reservation with set turnover goals

Dynamic reports and business intelligence tools

Multiple order types like delivery, take-away or sit-in

Multiple VAT types per product or extra

Clock-in/clock-out for easy employee monitoring

Waiter money-drop fature after every shift

Print task in-store routing according to product category

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    Glimpse is the best way to monitor your Franchise

    Are you the owner or the manger of a franchise chain? The Glimpse platform will enable you to quickly and reliably control and review all of your stores at the same time without the need to connect with each one of them individually

    • Check the actual financial data of your stores at any time
    • Update all of your menus easily with a click of the mouse
    • Save money by focusing on your true business needs
    • Plan your marketing strategy using powerful business intelligence tools
    • Manage the supply orders for all your stores
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your employees
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    Multi - user support

    Today’s businesses require multiple levels of administration to function effectively.

    The Glimpse platform supports the creation of multiple users with different levels of access according to their position in your company.

    That way you can be sure that every employee can only access the data he is supposed to. From your cashier and your waiter to your store manager and finally the owner, you can choose what part of the bigger picture everyone sees.

    At the same time, Glimpse stores every transaction, enabling the system administrator to accurately monitor when and by whom every action was completed. Stay on top of your sales receipts, reprints and cancelations.

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    Flexible and easy to use

    • Supports the sale and storage of weighted products
    • Live view of the state of the orders at your store tables
    • Area grouped, colour coded delivery assignments for your drivers
    • Easy catalog and menu changes from anywhere
    • Export and send your fiscal data to your accountant
    • Supports multiple menus for easy sales promotions
    • Automatic updates, free of charge

    Regardless of the type of products or services your company offers, Glimpse was made for you! Subscribe and the Glimpse platform will become your reliable, powerful and tireless partner that will help you manage your enterprise.

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Monitor and manage your business from your mobile phone, your tablet or your PC



We believe in simple but not simplistic design. Glimpse is fast and easy to use and at the same time rich and powerful in features



Starting software cost: zero. Pay only what you need, as you go

no credid card
no commitment
  • 1 Store
  • 1 POS
  • no PDA
  • 1 user
  • up to 5 Products
  • full functionality
per month, with anual charges
*€49 with monthly charges
  • 1 Store
  • 1 POS
  • no PDA
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited products
  • full functionality
  • support included
per month, with anual charges
*€59 with monthly charges
  • multiple Stores
  • 2 POS
  • + €8/month for each POS or PDA
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited products
  • full functionality
  • support included
  • Glimpse mobile app
  • Monitor your orders and your store table status in real-time from the comfort of your home

    Glimpse At a glance

  • Update all your branches at the same time with a click of your mouse

    Glimpse At a glance

  • Flag depleted store products with ease and notify your waiters automatically

    Glimpse At a glance

  • Supports partial payments, table mergers and movements

    Glimpse At a glance

Have questions ?

We have answers! Read the answers to the most popular questions and contact us if you need any clarification

Is an active internet connection necessary to run Glimpse?

No. An active internet connection is necessary, among other things, for the remote monitoring of your store’s transactions and the live update of your menus and catalogs. Your actual in-store sales continue normally even if you lose your connection to the internet.

What happens if I lose my internet connection for hours or even days?

Your in-store sales continue normally. The platform automatically transmits all your sales figures to the cloud once the connection is restored.

How can I make changes to my menus and available services to all my stores at the same time?

Easily. Any changes you make online to your menu can be applied to all of your stores with just a click of the mouse.

What do I have to do about program updates?

Nothing. Every time Greymatter releases an official update for Glimpse, the platform automatically updates itself on reboot.

Can I have a 24/7 support package?

Of course. Glimpse subscription already provides a basic support package and our customers have the option of creating their own support plan that will be charged accordingly.

Can I have multiple menus?

Of course. Glimpse supports multiple menus. You can also set certain rules for the application of those menus like a specific day of the week or time period. Glimpse provides easy and accessible tools to manage your special promotions like VIP customers or happy hour discounts.

What can I do if a terminal malfunctions?

Installing Glimpse on a compatible terminal is hassle free because the POS is automatically updated from the cloud.

Can I use an Electronic Tax Register or a traditional Cash Register?

Of course. Glimpse can be used with an Electronic Tax Register as well as a traditional Cash Register.

What happens if one of my store printers malfunctions?

With Glimpse you can easily reroute your malfunctioned printer’s tasks to one of the other working printers in your store through the POS interface. That way you can continue working uninterrupted until you replace the broken device.

Can I print invoices and self-delivery notes?

Of course. You can easily print invoices and self-delivery notes from any of your in-store printers.

Do I need to worry about server maintenance and backup?

Not at all. Server management and maintenance as well as regular backups are covered in the basic Glimpse subscription and are handled by Greymatter.

Who has access to my data? Can I maintain a local backup on my PC?

Of course. You have the option, to download your data at predefined intervals localy to your PC. In any case, our company guarantees the confidentiality of your data.

Can I monitor my receipt cancelations and reprints?

Easily. Glimpse requires an employee pin number for any action deemed sensitive such as receipt reprints or cancelations. The system administrator can review all these actions at any time.

Contact us, we can amaze you!

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